Psychiatric Medication Management

Medication Management Consultation

At Holistic Psychiatric Health, we specialize in psychiatric medication management. Appropriateness of this service may be discussed during the free 15-minute phone consult and is based on each individual’s needs and reasons for treatment. Medication may be useful as an integrative part of a patient’s treatment plan and would require, at minimum, monthly visits to discuss progress, symptoms and well-being. This service would also require collaborative communication with the patient’s other health care providers, mental health therapists and specialists as indicated. It is likely that Holistic Psychiatric Health will require you to have a therapist as part of the treatment plan, in order to engage in medication services. We may offer you a list of local therapists if you are in need. Medication management also involves collecting necessary lab work as needed, medical records from your current Primary Care Physician and most recent psychiatric records from your prior mental health provider. We do not hold or dispense any medications on premises and all prescribing is done electronically to your pharmacy. At Holistic Psychiatric Health, we do not prescribe controlled substances

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